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Company culture

Company management philosophy


Focus on using scientific methods to analyze and study the internal and external environment of enterprises, and establish the vision planning and goals. Using modern management thought and modern management method to change the current enterprise management mode. We are confident to achieve the industry-leading goal and consolidate the development foundation. After that, we will make better efforts to catch up with the development, provide more comprehensive solutions for customers, and better adapt to the market development.

Our vision

Become a global leader in cushioning packaging!

SHOW AIR is committed to providing comprehensive solutions of all-around and multi-field enterprise e-commerce packaging, and our logo directly reflects this commitment. In the provision of packaging programs, for the development of the e-commerce industry to make a positive contribution.

Our mission

Serve customers and give back to the society. In packaging, materials and logistics, we use advanced technology and products to provide quality solutions to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent

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