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Consumer demand for package

Time:2018-04-23 Views:462
Consumer demand for instant order fulfillment is transforming the e-commerce industry on a daily basis. We have the global supply chain expertise, automated system technology, and consumer insights  to help companies adapt with flexibility and grow with velocity.
Sealed Air - the original enabler of small parcel shipments - is helping fuel the rapid growth of e-commerce with highly-engineered automated systems and e-commerce packaging solutions that reduce damage, limit labor costs, increase fulfillment speeds, control freight costs, minimize material waste, and provide an enhanced customer experience to end-user consumers.  
What Story is Your Packaging Telling? Avoiding Packaging Pitfalls and Enhancing the E-Commerce Consumer Experience
For most people, secondary packaging seems like an afterthought - after all, who cares that much about a boring box? Consumers care - and they care a lot. Find out how the right packaging strategy can help retailers protect the integrity of their brand, reduce the financial and environmental impact of damage and waste, avoid key risks of engaging in omnichannel fulfillment, and enhance their customers‘ experience. 
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