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It‘s not just about protecting goods.

Time:2018-01-08 Views:1398
The packaging can be said to be the garment of the product, which represents the storefront of the electric shop. A good packaging can not only enhance the value of the product, but also bring a great deal of exposure and communication. At present, most of the packaging materials used by domestic e-commerce are traditional packaging materials, which cannot be achieved. As a result, more and more e-commerce companies are using a new type of packaging material -- inflatable bags. The characteristic of the cushioning bag is to combine the various aspects of the packing, which is the function of protection and the performance of improving the value of the goods.
Let‘s look at the advantages of inflatable bags:
The product application
Packing is packed mainly for filling and for storage and protection. Therefore, the inflatable bag is suitable for the current e-commerce market due to its compact size, convenient use and low storage cost.
Product appearance
The appearance is one of the most closely related factors in the product packaging and sales stimulation, which has a great impact on the promotion effect. The inflatable bag is not only neat and beautiful, but also gives the customer a fresh and refreshing feeling to leave a deep impression.
Enterprise brand
Air bags can be printed LOGO in order to enhance the brand visibility, and to give the customer be clear at a glance of visual sense, concise, accurate, and easy to understand, LOGO can not only deepen the customer‘s brand image can enhance the brand awareness.
Packaging materials
The quality of packaging materials directly influences the customers‘ impression of the enterprise brand, such as foam plastic, bubble wrap and so on. Therefore, the use of new materials of air packaging is a market trend.
Product value
The value of a package is that it reflects the cultural connotation of the product and the core value of the brand, which is not what traditional packaging can do.
The cushioning bag is the "coat" that reflects the value of the product.
In the face of hundreds of thousands of competitors, packaging image differentiation is particularly crucial. It‘s like the oscars red carpet in the first-line star, among many also belong to a line of stars, how to make yourself stand out and get the attention of the media and fans, clothing is very important, and clothing is the star of the outer packing, so to speak. So we sell the same products, we want to reflect the value of the goods, and the emphasis is on the image of the packaging.
According to the data, in developed countries, the use of inflatable bags in express packages has reached 78%. However, the number of express packages in China in 2017 is 20.6 billion, and the hidden business opportunities are uncountable. Therefore, fundamentally, want to get rid of the various disadvantages of product homogeneity, the price war, is the most effective way is to innovative packaging, to make good use of this key, open the electricity development way for a long time.
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