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How to protect the goods in the express delivery without damage?

Time:2018-04-14 Views:525

With the progress of internet technology, shopping online has become a common habit of consumers. For happy shopping, not only the nice goods, the express is also important, but how to protect the goods in the express delivery without damage?

Many businesses do not know to use good way to packaging goods, resulting in the customer received goods but with a serious deformation or damage, which seriously affected the credibility of the store, then may lose a lot of customers, Then you still worry about the damage to the express? SHOWAIR air cushion packaging materials for you to solve the troubles of express damage, SHOWAIR air cushion packaging material is made of 99% of the air and 1% of the membrane, can withstand 50~70KG pressure, but do not increase the chargeable weight, Can effectively prevent the damage of shock, collision and throw down, can effectively protect the goods in the transport, there are thousands of enterprises to use SHOWAIR air cushion packaging materials successfully solve the problem of express damage.

SHOWAIR air cushion packaging materials are made of PE material, it has superior shockproof performance, the air cushion bag can be completed by one machine, Easy to operation,and can save large labor costs and storage space; Can fit the most requirements of the box packaging; And the material is pollution-free, biodegradable. and the film can print your logo, improve the company‘s image.

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