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In 2018, SHOW AIR will open.

Time:2018-01-08 Views:754
At the beginning of the New Year, SHOW AIR (Beijing) science and technology co., LTD. Fireworks and fireworks in place, festive noise spread. A year‘s plan is in the spring. Carrying the spring gestates hopes, dreams, along with the joy of spring, we ushered in the first working day after the lunar New Year holiday, the work of the New Year has opened a new chapter, a new beginning, new hope, we are going to accepting heart cheer, cohesion, dry, for the work of the New Year good start up a good step. We must be able to calm down from the noise of the festival and continue to take advantage of the New Year‘s work. 2018 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the communist party of China (CPC). The communist party of China (CPC) has outlined a blueprint for China‘s development over the next 30 years. The terrace on the ninth floor rises from the ground. To make this blueprint a reality, we must not pursue the dream, not focus on the sound, step by step, step by step, work well.
At the beginning of the New Year, SHOW AIR (Beijing) technology co., LTD, say hello to you again, in the New Year, we will with the lowest price, the most full of enthusiasm for customer service, increasing spending on research and development to improve product quality, to perfect after-sales service system, better service return every customer.
The water air team is willing to join hands with all interested parties to meet the coming of this big industrial era. In the new situation where opportunities and challenges coexist, the market gives us more clear needs, which requires us to have a stronger, more professional team and innovative thinking.
Looking ahead to the opportunities and challenges of 2018, we will not forget our original intention and continue to forge ahead.
"Happiness is a struggle." To turn the blueprint into reality, and to carry out the reform to the end, all calls for the spirit of striving not to dream, not to focus on the empty sound, all need to step by step, step by step, and do a good job.
2018 is also the year of the company to meet the challenge, the year of endeavor and the year of hope. Success belongs to those who adhere to the beginner‘s mind, and is an innovator who keeps pace with The Times.
2. How much do you know about shockproof packaging?
Shockproof packaging, also known as cushioning packaging, plays an important role in various packaging methods. Products from the production to the beginning of the use of a series of transportation, storage, stacking and handling procedures, in a certain environment. In any environment, it can be powerfully applied to the product and cause mechanical damage to the product. In order to prevent product damage, will try to reduce the influence of the external force, the so-called shockproof packaging means to slow built-in shock and vibration, protect it from damage to the protective measures must be taken by the packaging.
Shockproof packaging materials mainly include: cushion air cushion, pearl cotton, bubble film, etc., in which the effect of cushioning air cushion is the most significant.
There are three main ways to prevent shock packaging:
(1) comprehensive shock-proof packaging method. The comprehensive shock-proof packaging method refers to the packing method which is filled with shock-proof material in all the inner and outer packing.
(2) partial shock-proof packaging method. For the products with good integrity and the products with inner container, the cushioning material can be used only in the corner or local area of the product or the inner package.
(3) suspension type shock-proof packaging method. For some precious fragile items, in order to effectively guarantee will not be damaged in the process of circulation, the outer packing container is strong, and then, springs and other things will be packed with rope, belt hanging in packaging container, in logistics, no matter what operating segment. The internal contents are suspended without collision with the packing container, thus reducing the damage.
SHOW AIR (Beijing) technology co., LTD. Focuses on the transportation cushion protection package to solve the worries of the express delivery of your products.
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